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Most people want to know when they can get their Black Belt so here’s a little bit of information.

At Karate for Kids and Sydney Karate-Do (our Teenager school) we don’t charge for Gradings or belts. When you pass your grade the new belt is yours to keep. Forever. A Grading is a test where you show the Sensei what you have learnt over the past term. During your classes you will learn things for your next grade so you are asked to demonstrate these things and, if the Sensei feels you have done well enough during class and at the grading, you will be awarded the next grade.


The grading system for our Ninja kids is very basic and simple. Grades for our Ninja kids are more an acknowledgement of attendance and a form of encouragement. The Ninja grades are quite different from the grades achieved by the Samurai, Shogun or Teens students. All Ninja kids must have attended a minimum of 6 classes before being permitted to grade.

Ninja kids use the white/colour grade system so each grade has a white belt with a thick colour stripe running down the centre.

Ninja Grading List


The grading system for Samurai, Shogun and Teens students is more advanced than the grading system for the Ninja kids. Although each group (Samurai, Shogun, Teens) have different skill levels, they are graded in basically the same way. Students are encouraged to attend more than one class per week (no extra fee).

Samurai, Shogun and Teens students follow the Kyu grading system, which is a coloured belt for each level. There are 4 grades on each belt from Red Belt to Brown Belt. Grade 1 is the full colour belt, Grade 2 is the colour belt with a white tip, Grade 3 is the colour belt with a black tip, Grade 4 is the colour belt with a tip the colour of the next kyu belt.

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Kyu Grading List