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Our Ninja kids are a younger group and are aged from 5 years old. Occasionally we will accept a child who is younger than 5 but remember that part of improving is based on maturity so you may find that a less-than-five-year-old will remain in the Ninja group because they are not quite mature enough to manage the older class.

Not everyone picks up the techniques as quickly as others so it is better for children to remain a Ninja until they are absolutely ready to move up to the next group, the Samurai.

Ninja students are taught a simple punch, a simple block and a simple kick. As they progress in the class they are also shown simple steps. Slowly they are shown how to put these simple techniques together to form other techniques. As repetition is the key every Ninja class is basically the same.

We run two Ninja Beginners classes each week – Monday and Tuesday afternoons 4-4.30pm. This is where your kids will learn the basic techniques, class format and the right kind of behaviour that is expected in the more skilled classes.

We run one Ninja Advanced class which is on a Tuesday afternoon 4.30-5pm. Children who have mastered the basic techniques and who may have outgrown the Ninja Beginner classes are invited to join this Advanced group where they will be introduced to more complex techniques, combinations and some partner work.

Children are comfortable with routine so a Ninja class follows a simple routine:

  1. Enter the dojo
    • Sensei is there to welcome you and to show you where to put your shoes and bags
  2. Line up at the back with everyone else
    • Sensei calls your name and puts you in the correct position in class
  3. Warm up exercises
    • Sensei shows you how to do the warm up exercises
  4. Practice stances
    • Sensei will teach you some simple stances which are the foundation of your Karate
    • During this part of the class you will be shown new stances and you will follow Sensei to practice the stances you already know
  5. Drills and games
    • Throughout the class you will play karate games and do karate drills that are created to help you learn your techniques and have fun
  6. Karate Basics
    • Part of the class will be devoted to repeating basic techniques – this is always done following Sensei
    • If you are a new student you will learn the technique
    • If you’ve been in the class for a while you will get better at the same technique that the new children are learning
  7. Fitness and stretching
    • Sensei will show you some gentle stretching exercises and will do them with you
    • Sensei will help you develop great fitness and strength with some easy exercises
  8. During every class we practice these:
    • Listening skills
    • Comprehension skills
    • Working together skills