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The Samurai Classes are for children aged 7 and 8. The training is a little bit more formal and challenging than the Ninja class so this is why a new student, if aged 6 years old, may be asked to start their karate journey in the Ninja class first. This gives them a good grounding before entering the Samurai class.

The Samurai training is a little more advanced than the Ninja classes and the students will start to work on perfecting the basic techniques as well as learn many more techniques, stepping, self defence and ippon kumite (basic attack/defence) and partner work.

We always make sure the kids have a break with a game part way through the lesson. This helps them burn off a bit of steam and get ready to re-focus for the next part of the class.

Our Samurai classes are held on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

SAMURAI – Monday 4:30 – 5.15pm, West Lindfield

In a Samurai class the students are taught stances, basic standing techniques, stepping techniques, easy self defence combinations, fitness, ippon kumite (basic attack/defence), introduction to sparring which we call Randori and partner work.

SAMURAI – Tuesday 5 – 5.45pm, West Lindfield

Generally each class is the same as the following:

  • Enter the dojo
    • Bow at the door and put your shoes and protective equipment at the back of the hall
  • Sensei will call you to attention and the class will commence
  • Warm up exercises
  • Practice stances
    • Sensei will teach you the stances which are the foundation of your Karate
    • During this part of the class you will be shown new stances and you will follow Sensei to practice the stances you already know
  • Drills and games
    • Throughout the class you will do karate drills that are created to help you learn your techniques and have fun
    • In most classes you will play a karate type game
  • Karate Basics
    • Part of the class will be devoted to repeating basic techniques with Sensei
  • Moving and stepping
    • You will learn how to use your karate with stepping and moving around the dojo
  • Ippon kumite
    • This is very basic attack and defence techniques
  • Randori (sparring)
    • You are taught how to use your karate in sparring with emphasis on safety, reaction, avoidance
  • Self Defence
  • Fitness and stretching