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A school is only as good as its teachers…

Karate For Kids provides a number of instructors from a wide range of backgrounds, ensuring every student has a Sensei that suits his or her style of learning. Our instructors are not only martial artists, but role models who offer support in every aspect of their students’ lives, from empowering victims of bullying to teaching respect and acceptance. All our instructors and admin staff hold valid and current WWCC certificates. Read more about the Karate For Kids teaching staff below.

Sensei Caroline Manly

Sensei Caroline is the founder and chief instructor of Karate For Kids, which she opened in 1989. A firm believer in the principles of Goju-Ryu style karate, she holds a 3rd Dan blackbelt, awarded by the International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Federation (IOGKF).

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Sensei Marc Slater

Sensei Marc is in charge of both the Shogun and Teens classes on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Marc joined Karate For Kids in 2014 when he moved to Sydney from the UK. His background is in Wado-Ryu Karate, Sport Karate, Practical Self Defence and Boxing.

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Sensei Mike Burleigh

Sensei Mike teaches Samurai classes on Monday and Tuesday, Shogun group on Monday and the Ninja groups on Monday and Tuesday. Mike attended Karate For Kids from 1998-2005. He now also runs the Karate for Kids dojo in the Central Coast.

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Sensei Gary Hadley

Sensei Gary shares the teaching of the younger children in West Lindfield with Sensei Mike.

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Sempai Denise Cham

Sempai Denise assists with the younger children at the West Lindfield dojo


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