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Sensei Gary shares the teaching of the younger children in West Lindfield with Sensei Mike.


Although Sensei Gary has loads of experience with teaching karate to children he is a relatively new member of the Karate for Kids teaching team. He started assisting with the classes in Term 4 and soon proved himself to be a valued and inspiring instructor. The kids took to him instantly and he soon became a very popular addition to the team.

Sensei Gary teaches at the West Lindfield dojo on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4-6.30pm. He shares the teaching of the Monday classes with Sensei Mike and runs the Wednesday classes on his own with an assistant.

His background is Goju Karate which is a traditional style and he is keen to ensure his students learn how to do the techniques properly and effectively.

Like all the staff at Karate for Kids Sensei Gary has the Working With Children Certificate. He is a fully qualified Black Belt instructor with many years teaching under his black belt.

We welcome him to our lovely club and look forward to seeing his students grow and develop in their karate journey.