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Sensei Marc teaches the Tuesday Shogun and Teen classes in Lindfield. He also teaches the karate students at Kids Circle, Chatswood. He coaches our Non Contact Boxers in Gordon on Thursday nights. He is from England and his background is in “Wado-Ryu”. He has taught karate to students of all ages for 20+ years and he has coached a number of amateur boxers to title wins.

Sensei Marc’s Karate Story

Hi there, my name is Marc Slater.

I started my martial arts journey at the tender age of 15yrs with Ninjitsu – it was very hardcore with old fashioned ways of motivation, which nowadays would not be acceptable as methods of teaching. I went on to train in a Karate class with a friend who was an advanced student with Paul Barnett Karate Schools. My trial class was with Brown belts upwards and competition fighters… I was hooked!!

I trained hard for all my Black Belt Dan grades, which all were passed with The British Karate Association and Master Brian Seabright under the guidance of Master Paul Barnett and Chris Byrd Sensei. But I wanted more! I wanted to test myself against others of similar experience, and so I competed in E.M.A and I.S.K.A light continuos competition Karate, often picking up medals and trophies for my efforts.

Later down the line I was asked to compete in Full Contact Karate/Kickboxing in the ring – this was completely new territory.

I started training with Kru Sai Varley of Studio 2000 in Muay Thai for my leg skills and power kicks, and former British Middleweight Champion Neville Brown for my Boxing skills and footwork. I went on to compete in about 20 full contact fights in Kickboxing and Boxing, only to finish due to opening my Karate classes in the UK. As this all moved forward, I took up Japanese Jujitsu with Kuon Ji Jujitsu with Sensei Dave Irving and Sensei Tony Gregson 6th Dan to brush up on my self defence, throws, locks and holds.

I have been teaching classes in Karate and Boxing since 2001 and bring a wealth of experience from all sides of the Martial arts, from Traditional applied Karate to competition Karate and Kickboxing with self defence.

The boxing system I use is called Punch Exercise – a system devised by Neville Brown Lonsdale Champion! I am the only person in Australia teaching this method of Boxing which has been taught to Personal Trainers, who have gone on to compete in the ring and win ‘Fight of the Night’.

If you want to train and have a keen sense of learning, I will bring out the best in you!

But most of all… Enjoy!