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Sensei Rob assists with Sensei Mike and Sensei Marc’s classes on Monday and Friday afternoons.

Rob trained in Taekwondo but is proving himself to be a valued member of the teaching team. Rob is also an amateur boxer and is studying law at University.


my name is Sensei Rob and i’m happy to be a relatively new member of the karate for kids team! I joined the other instructors at the start of Term 4, 2016 and now assist with the classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

So far i’ve found Karate for Kids to be a really solid Martial Arts academy which strives to accommodate and encourage kids across a variety of skill sets and ages. it’s equally rewarding to me as an instructor to see a white belt master a simple technique, as it is to see a brown belt perfect a difficult one.

My background in martial arts began in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 7, in a class run by Grand Master Tsu in the Lindfield Public School hall. After that, I was a member of the Wyllie Tae Kwon Do Academy for a number of years, before switching to boxing in middle high school. I’ve had 3 ameteur boxing fights and recorded 2 wins. It’s a pleasure for me to return to martial arts and to encourage a new generation of budding martial artists to be able to reach their full potential!

I graduated from St Joseph’s in Hunter’s Hill in 2015 and have been back to coach the u14’s soccer teams. Admittedly, we didn’t win a single game (as Joeys is largely a rugby oriented school) but when we drew against Sydney Boys High, any onlooker might have thought we had won the premiereship, such were the celebrations. it’s small things like this which makes working with kids, and in a team environment, so enjoyable.

Finally, its great to return to the Lady Game Drive hall as I spent a year there as a preschooler. In fact, I even found the “self portrait” I drew for the annual tea towel which Sensei Caroline keeps threatening to post on the Karate for Kids site. I cant say I’ve changed a whole lot since (hahaha), but it is a pleasure to be working with the karate for kids team, and I look forward to helping the kids achieve their karate goals.