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Karate, Boxing
& Self Defence


Fit Kids Rock!

At Karate for Kids we teach and build confidence, personal discipline, focus, co-ordination and a sense of empowerment.

At Karate for Kids our qualified Black Belt Instructors are specialists in teaching children. We help your child develop an understanding of personal safety and teach them to become a student of good character, who is both disciplined and determined. Our classes encourage a focus on fitness and fun as well, in an inclusive and supportive environment.

At Karate for Kids we teach traditional Goju karate, Practical Self Defence and Fitness. We also have an Active Kids Class for our younger students. The traditions of karate help instil a sense of personal discipline and self confidence and our practical self defence classes are have been developed with today’s kids in mind.

Students enjoy and benefit from the well designed classes which mix traditional and modern approaches.

Give it a go With a Free Class Trial

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Our Dojo

Our dojo is conveniently located at the
Lady Game Community Hall in West Lindfield.

  • Plenty of onsite and street parking

  • Air conditioned

  • Safe and secure council hall

  • Shops nearby


Our Classes

Ninja Kids

Developed specially for younger children from age 5, Ninja Kids develops listening skills, communication and fitness in a fun atmosphere.


Traditional Karate

Build self esteem, develop confidence, enjoy teamwork, set and achieve goals, all within a fun fast-paced atmosphere.


Self Defence

Our practical self defence classes help gain confidence with social interactions, improve concentration and develop self-awareness.



Enjoy the best aspects of learning to box, focusing on non-contact drills, fitness, strength building exercises and working with partners.


Why Choose Karate for Kids?

Karate for Kids has been operating in Sydney’s North Shore for 30 years. Sensei Caroline has 36 years training in Karate, with 30 years teaching experience.

This wealth of experience and knowledge puts us in the best position to know how to bring the best out of every child, whatever their skill level. At Karate for Kids we are dedicated to introducing the many positive benefits of karate to students, in a safe, fun and inclusive atmosphere.

  • All skill levels welcome

  • Training is fun for everyone

  • Fitness and practical self defence incorporated with training

  • Child friendly equipment

  • Hundreds of games and drills developed for all ages

  • All instructors WWCC (working with children check) certified

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