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Karate training builds confidence, personal discipline, focus, co-ordination and a sense of empowerment.

Karate for Kids – It’s more than just being active and having fun.Our qualified Black Belt Instructors are specialists in teaching karate to children. They will help your child develop an understanding of personal safety and, through their positive example, help them become a student of good character who is both courageous and determined.

At Karate for Kids we teach traditional Goju karate plus Practical Self Defence. The traditions of karate help instil a sense of personal discipline and self confidence and the practical self defence is just that: Practical + Self Defence. Students benefit from the well designed classes which mix old and new.

Term 4 in West Lindfield begins on Monday 15th October. Enrol now to secure your place!

Our classes are in West Lindfield, on Sydney’s North Shore.

Our classes are Age Based for children from 5 years old.

Our instructors are fully qualified Black Belts who are specialists in teaching karate to children. They are all WWCC approved.

We also have Non Contact Boxing for Kids classes at West Lindfield on Wednesday 6-7pm


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Ninja Kids

Ages 5 & 6 years old

Our Ninja kids develop listening skills, communication skills, follow directions, learn to share and have heaps of fun.

Samurai Kids

Ages 7 years old

Our Samurai kids build self-esteem and confidence, co-operation and teamwork skills, goal setting and self-protection skills in a fast paced environment.

Shogun Kids

Ages 8-11

Our Shogun kids learn social skills, increase their physical activity, set and achieve goals, concentration skills, positive interaction and self-defence skills.


Ages 12+

Our Teens build greater concentration, develop self-awareness and self-defence skills, learn to deal with peer pressure and confidence with social interaction.

Karate For Kids classes are held in a clean and airy, well-supervised training hall with plenty of age specific equipment. Safety in our classes takes the highest priority. Learning the fundamental skills increases your child’s physical co-ordination, flexibility, balance and confidence.

All the Instructors and Assistants are WWCC accredited


Karate for Kids was voted #3 Most Popular activity in 2017 by Active Activities