We were all beginners once and our instructors are skilled at teaching all skill levels, including students who have never done any physical activity before.

The classes and the training have been adapted for children so the skills taught are simple to learn. The instructors ensure all students are looked after and encouraged to do the best they can. As the children improve so does their confidence. The students are given individual instruction so they improve in their own time, under the guidance of the instructors and coaches.

  • Our classes are held in a child safe hall with child safe equipment
  • We train on a well-sprung timber floor
  • The hall is cleaned before and after every class
  • Our instructors follow strict safety policy and procedures
  • The students are regularly shown how to use the equipment
  • The instructors take time to explain the self defence moves before we use them in class

  • Self defence training and any floor work (rolls, tumble turns or grappling for example) is performed on thick runner mats to ensure the safety of the participants
Our instructors at Karate for Kids have valid and current WWCC (Working With Children Check) and First Aid Certificates.

The senior karate instructors are qualified black belt instructors. The senior boxing coaches are qualified boxing coaches. Any assistant instructors are either high graded martial artists or have plenty of boxing coaching experience.

All instructors, assistant instructors and coaches are under the guidance of Sensei Caroline, principal of Karate for Kids and Boxing for Kids, who is a 3rd dan black belt instructor with 30+ years of teaching and training experience.

Yes. We offer a free week of training so your child can try any of the classes, suited to their age, during their free week. This includes karate, the activity class and boxing.

Please visit our individual class pages for a detailed explanation of fees.

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