Self Defence

Fitness and Teamwork!

Our self defence classes for age 12+, combines martial arts techniques, practical self defence skills (including dealing with bullies and understanding personal self protection) fitness, core strength and practical drills.

This class is a modern and dynamic approach to martial arts. It is practical, simple and easy to master. Improvement is quick and achievable and the skills developed are empowering for the students.

Why Join?

Our self defence training incorporates the best, simplest and most effective martial arts skills and drills to help develop fitness, teamwork, partner work, following directions as well as social interaction with peers.

Just some of the benefits of our self defence classes:

  • Build coping techniques for life stresses
  • Learn teamwork and partner work
  • Build confidence and self esteem

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Enrolment and Fees

How to Enrol

Joining Karate for Kids is simple and easy! Once you’ve decided to join us all you need to do is complete our online enrolment form. once we have all your information we’ll be in touch with next steps.

If you have any questions you can visit our FAQ page or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch!


There is a one time enrolment fee of $70.00 for new Self Defence students.

A Karate uniform with embroidery on sleeve and a white belt is included with the enrolment fee.

For your first term training with us, we charge on a sliding scale, so you only pay for the lessons that remain in the term in which you join. So if you join mid term, you only pay for the lessons to the end of that term.

Classes must be booked and paid for before attending.

  • $350.00 training fee per term per student
  • $25 compulsory annual public liability insurance fee
We offer a 10% family discount for children who have brothers and sisters already training with us.