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Kids succeed when there’s fun in what they’re doing…

Our students are divided into groups based on their age. Children are happier training with other children of the same age. They are more comfortable in the group and so they learn quicker.  One of the benefits of joining Karate for Kids is to meet children with similar interests and so increase your circle of friends. We hope that all our students become firm friends and training with similar aged kids is the best way to do this.

Karate for Kids classes will help your children in many ways:

  • They will grow in confidence
    • achieving goals, mastering a new technique or gaining the next belt will help with their confidence and self esteem
  • They will develop greater focus and discipline
    • kids have to focus on what’s being taught so they have to listen, concentrate and follow directions. In a class they are learning to follow the rules of the dojo as well as being respectful
  • They will build strength, co-ordination and flexibility
    • Karate is a physical and mental activity so your children will build physical and mental strength during their training. The combination techniques we do will help with their co-ordination and every class has a “stretch time” which helps increase flexibility
  • They will see rewards and recognition
    • Today’s child expects instant gratification from computer games but karate classes teach them the “long game” and how effort and commitment is rewarded with results like a new grade, a new class or a new skill.
  • They will develop greater socialisation skills
    • Some kids can be quite insular so introducing them to an activity like Karate will encourage them to interact with a range of children of varying abilities. They will benefit from learning to work in pairs and teams, how to communicate and help others along the way.
  • They will discover a sense of empowerment
    • Learning new skills is incredibly empowering. The children will feel more confident with every grade they achieve and with every new technique they master.
  • They will gain self control and inner peace
    • Karate training helps the children learn peaceful resolution to conflict. The concentration required during a class also develops a sense of self control and a feeling of inner peace.

For more information on the various class, click on each class below.

Ninja Kids

Ages 4 & 5

Samurai Kids

Ages 6 & 7

Shogun Kids

Ages 8-11


Ages 12+

“I like to think of your journey in karate as if you are entering a new City. Perhaps a walled city – governed by good rules and watched over by respected Instructors. You have made the conscious decision to go to this City and when you enter the gates of the city you come across a path. You follow the path and as you travel along the path you are taught new things. While you are in the City you are looked after by the Sensei and you are encouraged to learn more things and develop better skills. Along the path you reach little villages. These villages represent your grades. Sometimes you might have to stay longer in one of the little villages so you can work on a certain skill but eventually your Sensei will say it’s ok for you to continue on your journey to the next village.”
– Sensei Caroline Manly

Teaching children is much more complex than just joining a class and learning to punch. At Karate for Kids we think of each student and their longevity with us. It is wise for an instructor to teach all students the same information, however, because we have different ages we have to adapt the way in which we teach some of the techniques. Think of the students as if on a time line. They are all taught basically the same thing but the younger the student the more simplistic the technique.

Repetition is the key. Making it interesting while still learning the same stuff is the skill of the instructor.