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The Teens Classes will get your kids off the couch and off the iPad. They will develop confidence and a positive attitude, increase their strength and fitness, improve co-ordination and focus and learn how to communicate effectively. But, most importantly, they’ll have fun. Training with kids their own age helps them socially and gives them the opportunity to engage with a group of like minded teenagers. Gary is a great role model and he keeps the kids laughing but under control.


Members of our Teens class watching a demonstration

TEENS CLASSES are held in the Lindfield Dojo and at the West Lindfield Dojo

LINDFIELD DOJO opposite the train station

  • Friday 5.30 – 7pm


WEST LINDFIELD DOJO opposite the West Lindfield shops

  • Tuesday 6.30 – 7.30pm


Focus, concentration and repetition

Our Teenage students are encouraged to attend both Teens classes each week to ensure their training is well rounded.

The Tuesday class focuses on basic technique, stepping, stamina and fitness, strength exercises and kata

The Friday class is more relaxed and we think it is a great way to end the week. It is 90min in duration and the students do more fitness and strength building work as well as pad work. They also do sparring. Sensei Gary uses his extensive karate skills and his teaching experience to run this class in a fun atmosphere.